Meghan Correa

Meghan Correa has been with San Jose Animal Hospital since 1993.  She has lived in California for a majority of her life and has had a love of animals since childhood.  Her own pets include two cats, Yoda and Howie, and two dogs, Coco and Bane. When not working, she enjoys running.  She has been in three half marathons.

Chris Gonzales

Chris Gonzales has been a part of San Jose Animal Hospital since 2003.  He loves every part of what he does because animals are so important to him.  He has a special "demon cat" named Pepper.  In his free time he enjoys going to heavy metal concerts, and taking his daughter to basketball games.  He is a big Boston Bruins fan as well.


Baba Jabraeili, RVT

Baba Jabraeili has been part of San Jose Animal Hospital since 2005.  He is a registered Veterinary Technician with an Associate's Degree.  He first worked in Chicago for 3 years before moving to California.  He enjoys hands-on work like dental cleanings, x-rays, placing IV catheters, and running lab work.  He wife, Carmen, is a registered "human" nurse, and has two sons, Bronsin and Brayan, as well as a Chihuahua named Happy.  When not working, he likes playing soccer, volleyball, and pingpong, listening to music, and traveling.

Tanya Alvarado

Tanya Alvarado has been with San Jose Animal Hospital since 2012.  She has earned her Associate's Degree in Veterinary Technology from Carrington College.  She loves meeting all our clients' furry friends and working as part of a team.  She wishes to one day have a whole zoo of her own pets.  In her free time she loves watching movies, football, spontaneous road trips, and eating BBQ.


Julia French

Julia French works as both a receptionist and assistant.  She is currently finishing a Bachelor's of Science in Ecology and Conservation.  She hopes to then attend Veterinary School.  She has had many animals including:  dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, salt-water fish, and reptiles.  She hopes to someday be a Equine Veterinarian.

Ashley Ha

Ashley is a recent graduate of Carrington College. She has two cats named Bart and Titus, and a dog named Lily. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching movies. One of her life goals is to own a huge property for all the stray kittens.

Sharon Gossett

Sharon has been a receptionist at San Jose Animal Hospital since 2005. She loves working at the practice and loves making a different in the lives of the pets. She is married, with one daughter and three grandchildren, and she also has cats and a dog. She loves quilting and gardening. Little known fact, as a child, she used to have a fear of cats and dogs!

Irene On

Irene is currently a student at San Jose State University, majoring in biology.  She hopes to one day become a Veterinarian and make animals as happy as they have made her. When she’s not around pets at San Jose Animal Hospital, she cares for her own pet, Moo Moo, a Tibetan Terrier. She also enjoys arts and crafts, planning adventures with friends, and being outdoors. 

Alexis Agsaoa

Alexis is currently in college working towards her Bachelor's Degree in Biology. As one of our receptionists, she loves working with different people and their pets, including her own. She has a Chihuahua named Nala and a Dachshund named Loco. Prior to joining our team, Alexis danced Tahitian, hula, hip-hop, and urban choreography for more than 10 years. In her spare time, she enjoys powerlifting/weight lifting, going to Disneyland, and going to the beach.

Linda Orepeza

Born and raised in San Jose, Linda has now lived in Gilroy since 2012. She worked at 2 different boarding kennels over a span of 11 years. Linda enjoys pet-sitting, dog walking, gardening, cooking, fitness, water sports, dirt bikes, and mixed martial arts. She owns 2 mixed-breed dogs (Harley and Hogan), doves, finches, geckos, and Jeffrey the turtle. Linda also has rescued and rehabbed 4 strays. In her free time, Linda is a Crossfit Coach/Trainer for Crossfit San Jose. She loves keeping people and animals healthy or getting them there!

Crisanta Raras

Crisanta is currently attending De Anza College and will soon be transferring to a four-year college to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Finance. Crisanta lives with her family and boyfriend, Andy. Crisanta has 3 dogs, Peanut, Akuma, and Sobe. She enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, eating, and traveling. 

Luis Garcia

Luis comes to us after working eight years as a receptionist on the human health side.  He enjoys working with everyone at the practice.  He enjoys gardening, painting and interior decorating when he’s not working out.  He also enjoys quality time with family and friends and vacationing whenever time permits.  Luis has no animals at this time, but does share custody of two Min Pins, Akasha and Enkil.  In addition, he loves dog sitting for his friends.


Jamie Tsang

Jamie is a recent graduate of San Jose State University.  Her favorite part about working at SJAH is meeting clients, and helping sick furry loved ones get back on their paws.  At home, Jamie has 7 dogs:  Baby, Kylie, Wookie, Chewie, Emma, Dumpling, and Colby.  She hopes to be able to buy a house with lots of outdoor space and own a herd of dogs that she can grow old and cuddle with!

Alex Greenbank

Alex is a recent high school graduate of Lincoln High School in San Jose.  His plans for the future are undecided but knows he wants it to include animals.  He has one cat, Rachel, who is smart and helps socialize the kittens that his mom fosters for a local rescued group.  Alex's interests include computer technology, digital arts, animal and earth sciences.


Kristen Bosch

Kristen is a recent graduate from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors in Animal Science.  Previous to this, she worked as a vet tech in the Bay Area.  She has 3 cats:  Rampage, Torpedo, and Oliver, and a dog named Phoenix.  Kristen loves kayaking, reading, and has plans to visit every national park in America.

Stormy Gonzales

Stormy Gonzales has been with San Jose Animal Hospital for many years, after being abandoned at our front door with a skin infection.  He has slowly worked his way up the ranks to become Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company.  He routinely greets clients, both in the lobby and in the exam rooms.  He is overweight and diabetic but is also the life of the party and has a care-free attitude.


Baby Kitty

Baby Kitty is a 7-year-old female, left at our back door 6 years ago, suffering from a severely injured leg that needed amputation. She has been here ever since. She's free to roam the hospital as she chooses, but generally prefers to stay in the kennel area, having become "institutionalized" over the years.