Meghan Correa

Meghan Correa has been with San Jose Animal Hospital since 1993, and is our most valued senior staff member.  She has lived in California for a majority of her life and has had a love of animals since childhood.  Her own pets include two cats, Yoda and Howie, and three dogs (Coco and Bane). When not working, she enjoys running. She has been in three half marathons.

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Chris Gonzales

Chris Gonzales has been a part of San Jose Animal Hospital since 2003.  He loves every part of what he does because animals are so important to him.  He has a special "demon cat" named Pepper.  In his free time he enjoys cheering on the Boston Bruins, going to heavy metal concerts, taking his daughter to basketball games, and lifting weights.


Baba Jabraeili, RVT

Baba Jabraeili has been part of San Jose Animal Hospital since 2005.  He obtained his veterinary technician licensing in Iran back in 1991 and became a U.S. Registered Veterinary Technician with an Associate's Degree in Veterinary Medicine in 2007.  He first worked in Chicago for 3 years before moving to California.  He enjoys hands-on work such as dental cleanings, radiographs, placing IV catheters, and running lab work.  He lives with his wife, Carmen, a registered "human" nurse, and has two sons, Bronsin and Brayan, as well as a Chihuahua named Happy.  When not working, he enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, ping-pong, listening to music, and traveling.


Kristen Lehmier

Kristen has been with San Jose Animal Hospital since 2011 and is currently the Hospital Administrator. She is a graduate from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science. Kristen plans to complete testing to become a Registered Veterinary Technician while also pursuing a practice management certificate. She has happily married with a son as well as two cats (Torpedo and Oliver), and a dog named Phoenix.  Kristen loves kayaking, scuba diving, reading, and has plans to visit every national park in America.

Luis Garcia

Luis comes to us after working eight years as a receptionist in the human health field. As an easy-going guy, he enjoys working with everyone at the practice. In his spare time, Luis enjoys gardening, painting and interior decorating when he’s not working out.  He also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends and vacationing whenever time permits.  Luis has no animals at this time, but loves dog sitting for his friends.

Sharon Gossett

Sharon has been a receptionist at San Jose Animal Hospital since 2005. She loves working at the practice and loves making a difference in the lives of the pets that walk through our doors. She is married, with one daughter and three grandchildren, and she also has cats and a dog. She loves quilting and gardening. Little known fact, as a child, she used to have a fear of cats and dogs!

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Brittney Nguyen

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Brittney is a graduate from Humboldt State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology and a minor in Chemistry. She is currently preparing to attend veterinary school with hopes to become a small and exotic animal veterinarian. Starting as a receptionist in 2016, Brittney has since worked to become a veterinary assistant at San Jose Animal Hospital due to her passion for hands-on work with animals and interests in surgery. Her interests include hiking, watching Netflix, and eating a lot of noodles.


Alexis Agsaoa

Alexis has been part of the San Jose team since 2015, working as both receptionist and assistant. Under the fur on her scrubs, she’s also a full-time mom of twin girls, “dog-mom” to Nala and Loco, and a student pursuing a Biology degree at CSU East Bay. In her free time, Alexis enjoys going on adventures with her family, power lifting, and cooking.


Julia French

Julia French works as both a receptionist and veterinary assistant.  She is currently finishing a Bachelor's Degree in Ecology and Conservation.  She hopes to later attend veterinary school and become an equine vet.  Julia has had many animals throughout her life, including:  dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, salt-water fish, and reptiles.

Linda Orepeza

Born and raised in San Jose, Linda has worked at two different boarding kennels over the span of 11 years. Linda enjoys pet-sitting, dog walking, gardening, cooking, fitness, water sports, dirt bikes, and mixed martial arts. She owns two mixed-breed dogs (Harley and Hogan), doves, finches, geckos, and Jeffrey the turtle. Linda also has rescued and rehabbed four strays. In her free time, Linda is a Crossfit Coach/Trainer for Crossfit San Jose. Though Linda has since moved to Gilroy, she is committed to her work here at San Jose Animal Hospital, keeping the people and animals healthy or getting them there!


Ben Munoz

A San Jose native, Ben has been working with San Jose Animal Hospital since 2015. He has more than 18 years of experience with animals in both shelter and private medicine. Ben recently received his Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology from San Juan College. He has four rescue kitties at home and enjoys fostering bottle babies. When not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and daughter, as well as fishing.


Therese Dillard

Therese is a South Bay area native and currently lives in South San Jose.  She has two pets: a dog named Samson and a cat named Simba. Therese enjoys playing video games during her free time and often travels to the East Coast to visit family.


Kaitlin Muraoka

A Bay Area native, Kat currently works as a veterinary receptionist. Before becoming a veterinary receptionist, Kat was a licensed cosmetologist for 5 years. Though she still free-lances in cosmetology, Kat decided she needed a change of pace and after owning animals her entire life, decided to work in a field in which she could help out the furrier members of society stay healthy. Kat has one dog, a Wire Haired Terrier named Finn and lives in San Jose with her loving husband. 


Yissel Barragan

Yissel has been working with pets since 2014. She started as a dog groomer, where she developed an interest in the veterinary field. Yissel spends her afternoons with her two dogs, Perla and Loki, who love to go on walks. As much as she loves working with pets, Yissel also loves helping people, and became an EMT two years ago. She is passionate about the medical and veterinary field, and will continue working with both pets and humans.


Olivia Serna

Olivia is a San Jose native with aspirations to become a veterinarian. She is happily married with 5 dogs, 4 cats, and no kids (yet). Olivia loves traveling with her husband, and is a Harry Potter fanatic belonging to the Slytherin house.


Daria Gallagher

Daria was born and raised In San Jose, and has loved animals since childhood (especially reptiles and cats). She has two cats, Sushi and Chuco, and two dogs, Bingston and Buddy. Outside of work, Daria loves art, music, all martial arts, and spending time with her two daughters.


Ciera Castillo

Ciera grew up in San Francisco, and graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. After graduating, she spent 5 months in Costa Rica working at a wildlife rescue, while doing research and rehabilitation of sloths and monkeys. Ciera hopes to go to veterinary school, and eventually work as a wildlife vet in conservation. Outside of work, Ciera is usually eating pizza, outside enjoying the fresh air, or visiting family.


Carissa Pierotti

Carissa is a South Bay Native working as a veterinary receptionist on our team. She has always loved working with animals, and was excited to offer her customer service skills and smile to our front desk. Carissa also freelances as a hair and makeup artist part time, and loves giving back to the community in any way she can.

Cakes Edit.jpg


Cakes is a 4 year-old female who was abandoned at our hospital doors as a kitten along with two of her siblings. While both of her other siblings went to other homes, Cakes was diagnosed with serious a intestinal disorder and was hospitalized for over a month. During her recovery, the staff fell in love with her and she has a been a resident of the hospital ever since. She loves to hide behind the refridgerator in the back and stare down the hallway at all the commotion that goes on in our dental and treatment areas. 

In Memory of: Stormy (2001-2018)

Stormy was the proud mascot of San Jose Animal Hospital for many years, after being abandoned at our front door. He routinely greeted clients, both in the lobby and in the exam rooms.  We loved Stormy immensely, and we know that he’s comforting many other pets across the Rainbow Bridge.


In Memory of: Baby Kitty (2006-2019)

Baby Kitty was a long-term resident at San Jose Animal Hospital, after being left at our back door with a severely injured leg that needed amputation. She preferred to stay in the kennel area, and was very well loved. She is now keeping Stormy company across the Rainbow Bridge.