Included in all surgeries:  Pre-op exam, 24 hours pain medicine injection, antibiotic injection.
Optional services not included:  Take home course of pain medicine, E-collar, pre-op bloodwork, IV catheter. 

Dog Spay:


Dog Neuter:



Cat Spay:


Cat Neuter:



Basic Dental Cleaning:  $395

This includes our pre-op exam, anesthesia, full oral exam by a veterinarian, and a complete scaling and polishing of each tooth by one of our technicians.

Extra fees may apply if there are any teeth that need to be removed.  Also, if your pet is older we recommend further precautions such as IV catheter and pre-operative blood work.  The prices for these services are listed below.  The prices for dental extractions are listed on our dental authorization form.  There are no hidden fees!

Optional Services with Routine Surgeries

IV catheter and fluids:
Pre-Op Bloodwork (<7 year old):
Pre-Op Bloodwork (>7 year old):
Microchipping and Registration:
Take-Home Pain Medicine 5-7 days:
Elizabethan Collar (Any Size):