New Exterior

Old Exterior


We updated the exterior by repainting the building, adding a cedar wood entrance, tiled the patio, repaved the parking lot, and added an inviting new green space area.

New Lobby

Old Lobby

We completely remodeled the lobby and reception area - knocking out 3 walls, removing a closet, retiling the floor, replacing the old metal door with a tempered glass door, adding wainscotting and a custom bench, and updating our bathroom.  

New Exam Rooms

Old Exam Rooms


All the exam rooms were renovated with new medical-grade cabinets, tile floors, LED lighting, and new doors.

New Pharmacy

Old Pharmacy


Our hallway and pharmacy were completely updated with LED lighting, new tile floors, medical-grade cabinets, and $80,000 in new in-house laboratory equipment, so that we can get lab results in 20 minutes, instead of 1-2 days.