New Exterior

Old Exterior


 1.  The building was painted
2.  The business sign was changed
3.  The entrance was updated with cedar-wood
4.  The front walkway was paved with ceramic tile
5.  The Parking lot was repaved
6.  The Corner of property was turned into a garden

New Lobby

Old Lobby

 1.  The closet in the lobby was removed
2.  The walls to the reception area were removed
3.  Old metal doors were replaced with glass doors
4.  The old flooring was replaced
5.  New custom seating areas were added
6.  Wainscotting replaced old wood paneling
7.  Granite countertops were added
8.  The lobby bathroom was remodeled
9.  Lighting was added

New Exam Rooms

Old Exam Rooms


 1.  Walls were patched and painted
2.  Lighting was updated
3.  Cabinets were replaced
4.  Seating was changed
5.  Floors were replaced
6.  Doors were replaced

New Pharmacy

Old Pharmacy


 1.  Floors were replaced
2.  Cabinets and countertops were replaced
3.  Walls were painted
4.  The vaccine refrigerator was replaced
5.  Lighting was added
6.  Computers were replaced
7.  The in-house lab machines were upgraded